Step 1: Select cherished values

Here is a list of values or qualities, some of which may be important to you, some may be unimportant.
Select 2-3 values or qualities that are most important to you:

Step 2: Contemplate their relevance

Considering the values which are most important to you:

Write at least a paragraph. Focus on your thoughts and feelings, don't worry about spelling, grammar, or how well written it is.

Step 3: Don't forget

Previous students really appreciated writing something to remind themselves about how their most important values are reinforced by taking this online course. To give you the chance to remind yourself, we would like you to write a note to your future self about your experience and what you've learned so far.

We know it can be difficult to write that way, but we believe it will be particularly meaningful for you if you write as though your present self is speaking directly to your future self.